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Ted Lasso Episode 8 “We’ll Never Have Paris”: Anxiety is a Bitch

‘Ted Lasso’ episode 8 teaches us appearances aren’t everything.

*Warning: This post contains spoilers for Ted Lasso episode 8, “We’ll Never Have Paris”*

Total Football has revamped AFC Richmond on the pitch. However, even though the team is in the midst of a winning streak, that doesn’t mean the characters in Ted Lasso episode 8 aren’t going through personal turmoil. With the release of nasty internet leaks and Ted’s family coming to visit, the team’s on-field performance takes a serious backseat.

Appearances can be deceiving in Ted Lasso episode 8

In typical fashion, Ted Lasso episode 8 takes on real-world issues, addressing nude photo leaks, something all too common on the internet. Keeley Jones (Juno Temple) unfortunately gets hit first-hand by the cyber assault, with a personal and intimate video being shared across the World Wide Web. To make matters worse, not everyone in her life is handling things properly.

Juno Temple and Jodi Balfour have their relationship tested in Ted Lasso episode 8. | Agents of Fandom
Juno Temple and Jodi Balfour have their relationship tested in Ted Lasso episode 8. Image Source: Apple TV+.

While Jack (Jodi Balfour) and Keeley’s relationship has had its ups and downs throughout season 3, they’ve mostly been adorable. However, you can never really trust billionaires. Jack’s handling of the recent leak raises all kinds of red flags. She’s mentioned in past episodes she gets jealous and protective, and we should’ve believed her. As Jack attempts to put the blame on Keeley as opposed to the literal criminals for leaking her private videos, the relationship meets its end.

Thankfully, Keeley isn’t left without support, as Rebecca steps up in a major way to both Keeley and Ted in this episode. Additionally, both Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) give flawed but heartfelt support in their own unique ways.

The Jamie Tarrt redemption arc continues to surpass all expectations. Although Jamie and Sam Obisanya (Toheeb Jimoh) used to be mortal enemies, their combined leadership alongside team captain Isaac McAdoo (Kola Bokinni) convinces everyone to delete all their intimate photos from old partners and not participate in the latest celebrity leak. This leads to the episode’s biggest cliffhanger, as Isaac snatches Colin Hughes‘ (Billy Harris) phone to delete pictures, revealing to Isaac that Colin is gay. While we don’t yet know how Isaac will handle this information, we can only hope that based on his past support for his teammates, he will be the ally Colin deserves.

Diamond Dogs assemble

It is a momentous day in the AFC Richmond organization. Trent Crimm (James Lance) is now a member of the Diamond Dogs. Despite the team’s recent on-field success, Coach Lasso is in disarray, making Trent’s appearance as part of the crew a welcome addition. With Ted’s son Henry (Gus Turner) visiting and his ex-wife travelling to Paris with their former marriage counselor, our man Ted has seen better days.

The Diamond Dogs assemble in Ted Lasso episode 8 | Agents of Fandom
Jason Sudeikis, James Lance, Brendan Hunt and Brett Goldstein in Ted Lasso. Image Source: Apple TV+.

Anyone who suffers from anxiety can attest to how quickly learning troublesome news can snowball into the worst possible scenario. Even with Rebecca and the Diamond Dogs providing tough love to get on with his life and focus on himself, Ted is spiraling, convinced that Michelle (Andrea Anders) is set to be engaged upon returning from her trip with Dr. Jacob (Jason Hillhouse).

While Ted is stuck in his own head, Henry’s time with the club provides some wonderful moments in Ted Lasso episode 8. Henry playing “games” that clean up the locker room creates one of my favorite Roy Kent quotes of the season: “Is this a game, or child labor?” Every parent, coach, teacher or mentor sometimes knows the best way to get a kid to be productive is to turn it into a game. However, it’s typically best suited to get them to clean up their room, or read more books, as opposed to cleaning up grown men’s locker rooms.

The most heartwarming part of the episode is Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) explaining to Henry the origins of Hey Jude by The Beatles as it plays in the background. Beard doesn’t quite get the story correct as John Lennon‘s son was named Julian, not Jude, but that doesn’t stop him from getting the message across. Paul McCartney wrote the song for Julian to help him through his parent’s divorce, as Beard is now helping Henry.

Father first, coach second

Will (Charlie Hiscock) teaching Henry (Gus Turner) in Ted Lasso episode 8 | Agents of Fandom
Will (Charlie Hiscock) teaching Henry (Gus Turner) in Ted Lasso episode 8. Image Credit: AppleTV+.

I appreciate that Henry’s impact is felt by the adults in Ted Lasso episode 8, without him having to solve their trauma for them. Rebecca’s tough love finally convinces Ted to live in the moment and appreciate the time with his son. Henry’s comment to Beard about “loving The Beatles because his dad does” is the perfect way of showing what children truly need when going through a divorce.

Ted is so worried about being replaced by Dr. Jacob, that he doesn’t realize Henry doesn’t want a replacement, he just wanted more time with his dad. Successful co-parenting always comes from putting the child’s needs before your own, while taking the necessary self-care steps to ensure you can always be there for support. Michelle returning from Paris without a ring provides a nice reminder to Ted and all of us that anxious thoughts are nothing more than our brain playing tricks on us.

Henry’s impact is also felt by Nate (Nick Mohammed) in Ted Lasso episode 8, as he continues to take strides forward in his redemption arc. Although he still reacts poorly upon receiving texts from Rupert (Anthony Head) about Ted’s appearance at the game, his progression with his new girlfriend Jade (Edyta Budnik) is refreshing. While he still has plenty of awkward moments throughout, he is finally able to speak his truth. In addition to Jade’s company having a positive effect on Nate, he’s also attempting to do the work to become a mentally healthier man. Although Nate’s attempt at a new Diamond Dogs team the “Lovehounds” doesn’t work out because he hasn’t established the same trusting culture Ted has, he’s once again beginning to appreciate The Lasso Effect.

Ted Lasso episode 8 stays true to what works

Nate (Nick Mohammed) rallying the Lovehounds in Ted Lasso episode 8 | Agents of Fandom
Nate (Nick Mohammed) rallying the Lovehounds in Ted Lasso episode 8. Image Credit: AppleTV+.

AFC Richmond is finally playing some good football and the growth of Ted, Keeley, Nate and all the Ted Lasso characters is evident. As season 3 winds to a close, it’ll be interesting to see if the club can overcome Nate’s West Ham United, and if Nate can break free of Rupert’s clutches.

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Ted Lasso Episode 8 Review

Ted Lasso Episode 8 Review
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The Good

  • Nate makes strides towards his redemption arc
  • Hilarious one liners
  • Heartfelt moments between Ted, Henry and Beard
  • Once again using plot points to tackle real world issues beautifully

The Bad

  • Booo Jack, all my homies hate Jack
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