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‘Ghosted’ Review: Silly, Messy and a Whole Lot of Fun

A messy plot, tons of laughs and a whole lot of cameos make ‘Ghosted’ on Apple TV+ a thrilling ride.

You know when you mix a bunch of different foods together, and it looks disgusting but tastes really good? That’s essentially what we get with Ghosted, starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas on Apple TV+. Energetic performances from the two leads along with many hilarious cameos make for a very enjoyable film.

Although the writing is far from perfect and the editing was incredibly choppy, it is still a fun time. Ghosted on Apple TV+ is comparable to a roller coaster that starts out ever so slowly, only to reach the top and take viewers on a wild, fast-paced ride that doesn’t slow down until you’re finished.

Spoiler-free Ghosted review

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans in Ghosted on Apple TV+ | Agents of Fandom Ghosted Review
Ana de Armas and Chris Evans in Ghosted, streaming exclusively on Apple TV+ on April 21st. Image Source: Apple.

I’d follow Chris Evans and Ana de Armas anywhere. They are undoubtedly the best part of this film. Although de Armas’ character is kind of hard to buy into, this is more due to the script than her performance. It is such an odd experience seeing certain scenes where the two stars match the chemistry they show in Knives Out, others look like there is no way they were even on set together. Especially early on, some of the dialogue scenes in Ghosted cut back and forth so much it’s almost nauseating.

Farmboy Cole Turner played by Chris Evans is also a difficult character to peg, however, Chris definitely does his best with the role. Clingy Cole has a heart of gold and, despite his book smarts, gives major himbo vibes with his lack of emotional intelligence. He’s a loveable goof with strong morals who exudes confidence like Captain America one minute and clueless as can be the next. The character inconsistencies don’t add up, however, the actors play the roles well enough that they still keep you invested from start to finish.

Although his French accent comes and goes depending on the dialogue, Adrien Brody is fantastic as the film’s antagonist. He’s been crushing it in darker roles lately, and it is great to see that continue in Ghosted. Brody may be getting typecast as the boss below the actual boss an awful lot these days, but he sure is good at playing the role.

Ghosted arrives on Apple TV+ on April 21

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Official banner for Ghosted on Apple TV+ starring Ana de Armas and Chris Evans. Image Source: Apple

The spotty editing and the sub-par script don’t stop me from enjoying Ghosted. While a good storyline is always more important than cameos, this movie truly knocks it out of the park in that regard. The surprise cameos from various actors who play major characters alongside Chris Evans in other franchises come unexpectedly and add to my enjoyment. They fit the story and are a nice meta nod to Evans’ history as Captain America. It is undoubtedly the most difficult part of keeping this a spoiler-free Ghosted review because they are so much fun.

Grab your popcorn, turn your brain off and enjoy Ghosted for what it is. Although the cinematography and plot holes can take viewers out of it at times, the hilarious dialogue and exciting cameos are enough to carry you through. While the movie definitely feels like it has all the ingredients to be better than it was, this romantic comedy turned spy thriller fits the bill for a fun date night flick.

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'Ghosted' Review

'Ghosted' Review
2.5 5 0 1
2.5 rating
Total Score

The Good

  • Funny dialogue
  • Strong performances from Evans, de Armas and Brody
  • Hilarious cameos
  • Fun action

The Bad

  • Choppy editing has incredibly quick camera cuts at times that don't warrant that type of cinematography
  • Inconsistencies in characters that change from act to act
  • Story with multiple plot holes
  • Multiple scenes looked as though Evans and de Armas weren't even on set together
  • About 20 minutes too long
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