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‘No One Will Save You’ Review: The Next Step in the Creature Feature Evolution

Brian Duffield’s story of survival and self-forgiveness is a masterclass in the sci-fi/horror genre.

The following No One Will Save You review was written during the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the writers and actors currently on strike, the movie being covered here wouldn’t exist.

Among the unsettling thoughts that may haunt your mind during the stillness of the night, few can rival the sheer terror of a home invasion. Now, picture a scenario where you’re not just battling for your life against deranged humans, but rather, you find yourself pitted against unearthly and malevolent beings. This chilling premise is precisely what director and writer Brian Duffield immerses us in within his film, No One Will Save You.

Kaitlyn Dever Stars as Brynn Adams in ‘No One Will Save You’

kaitlyn dever in No One will Save You | Agents of Fandom
Kaitlynd Dever as Brynn in No One Will Save You. Image Credit: Hulu.

The film’s solo star is Kaitlyn Dever, who takes on the role of Brynn Adams. Brynn appears to be living the idyllic life I often daydream about — residing alone in a sprawling home situated on secluded land, far removed from human civilization. Her days are devoted to designing dresses, while her evenings are spent on solitary tasks such as tending to her dreamy miniature village, preparing meals for herself, and dancing in the quietude of her own company.

However, as we join Brynn on her visit to a nearby town, her deliberate avoidance of its town’s people becomes unmistakable. Her seclusion transcends the boundaries of social anxiety, and it becomes apparent that every sidestep and evasion is driven by a distinct purpose. It’s clear that Brynn has endured a traumatic experience in her past. What is equally evident is that this life of solitude wasn’t a choice she willingly embraced, but rather a result of being alienated by the very people who surround her.

Brian Duffield Masterfully Evokes Terror Using Sound and Setting

Brynn Adams' (Kaitlyn Dever) house in No One Will Save You on Hulu
The house of Brynn Adams in No One Will Save You. Image Credit: Hulu.

In the dead of night, Brynn is jolted from her sleep by a massive thud. Initially attributing it to an animal scavenging, she reluctantly drags herself out of bed, determined to shoo away the pesky intruder. However, what unfolds before her is far from the ordinary; her front door stands wide open, and an eerie presence lurks within her home. This isn’t just a “someone” but a sinister “something.”

Duffield masterfully harnesses the architectural and antique elements of Brynn’s home to evoke terror in the audience. By revealing only glimpses of the creature at first through distorted glass, utilizing the ominous obscurity of dim corners, and navigating through deep dark hallways, Duffield conceals the enigmatic nature of the intruder that has infiltrated Brynn’s sanctuary.

The Lack of Sound in ‘No One Will Save You’ Is Amplified by Kaitlyn Dever’s Performance

Kaitlynd Dever as Brynn in No One Will Save You | Agents of Fandom
Kaitlyn Dever as Brynn in No One Will Save You. Image Credit: Hulu.

The initial encounter Brynn has with her otherworldly foe is a nightmarish symphony. With virtually no dialogue in the movie, the film’s foundation rests upon the art of sound. It leans profoundly on the creaks of the floor, the frantic panting, the slamming of doors, and the spine-chilling, unearthly shrieks. Every sound is etched with clarity, from the precise patter of each footstep to the agonizing gasps for air. Each collision, every thunderous bang, and ominous rush of movement skillfully contribute to the mounting suspense.

No One Can Save You lives in brilliance, propelled by the powerhouse performance delivered by Dever. Words aren’t required when you have an actress who can effortlessly convey a spectrum of emotions through raw facial honesty. Throughout the majority of the film, the camera focus remains on Dever’s face, a canvas of unspoken feelings. Not only does she seamlessly unveil her character’s emotions and fear, but the physical demands of the movie are rigorously met by Dever, who never falters, delivering an impeccable performance.

Kaitlyn Devers as Brynn in No One Will Save You on Hulu | Agents of Fandom
Brynn caught in the extraterrestrial light in No One Will Save You. Image Credit: Hulu.

While the concept of extraterrestrial invasion isn’t groundbreaking, No One Will Save You introduces a unique execution. The design of the aliens follows the classic “grey” archetype, with bald heads, elongated pointed fingers, and enormous eyes. The film deliberately withholds the motive behind their invasion and their relentless torment of Brynn. However, in narratives of this nature, is it imperative to unravel the “why?” I think not.

‘No One Will Save You’ Review: Is a Creature Feature Worth Watching

The film stands as an original creation while paying homage to the best alien-themed works from the past, such as Signs and The Fourth Kind. Duffield refrains from redefining the concept of aliens but masterfully steers their portrayal. At a superficial level, it may appear to be a straightforward sci-fi horror, yet it encapsulates a deeper narrative. It’s a tale of self-forgiveness, a journey to confront one’s past to shape a promising future. It speaks of embracing our unique life stories and discovering our place in this world, even when we feel like outsiders in our own right.

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'No One Will Save You'

'No One Will Save You'
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The Good

  • Kaitlyn Dever delivers a powerhouse performance
  • The enigmatic "grey" aliens are done perfectly
  • Crisp sound

The Bad

  • Showcasing too much of the antagonist took away from the fear factor
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