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Hell’s Paradise Season 2 Promises More Horror

The enthralling series is returning to take viewers on another thrilling adventure.

Following its emotional and jaw-dropping season 1 finale, Hell’s Paradise season 2 has been officially confirmed. The animation studio behind the series, MAPPA, is firing on all cylinders with anime content this year. Along with this series, they’ve worked on Vinland Saga season 2, Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill, Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3, with Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 and Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 4 coming soon.

Hell’s Paradise, based on Yuji Kaku’s manga series (Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku), is set during the Edo period of feudal Japan. It follows a young assassin named Gabimaru, who is sentenced to capital punishment for his acts of murder. He is given a chance to be pardoned if he can collect the Elixir of Life on the dangerous island of Shinsenkyo. Without spoiling the finale, let’s dive into where the next season goes from here.

What is the Hell’s Paradise season 2 plot?

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This captivating anime series, directed by Kaori Makita, did not hold back by delivering brutal fight scenes and juxtaposing beauty and horror in its first season. In Hell’s Paradise season 2, the prisoners and shogunate executioners will face even more unimaginable horrors in their relentless pursuit of the Elixir of Life.

A teaser for Hell’s Paradise season 2 was immediately released after the premiere of the season 1 finale. The trailer showcases previous moments from the series, however, no new footage is shown. It’s fair to say the new season is in very early development, as a release date was not revealed in the promo below.

While there isn’t anything new in the trailer to tease what to expect in Hell’s Paradise season 2, the manga series concluded back in 2021, so anime fans can read ahead to get an idea. Prepare to immerse yourself once more in the unforgiving world of Hell’s Paradise!

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