Ms. Marvel Episode 3 – Good is Something You Do.

More is revealed in this episode as Kamala Khan finds out the history of the bangle she wears as Jersey City’s first superhero.
Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel
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At the end of Ms. Marvel Episode 2, Kamala Khan is seen narrowly escaping Damage Control after saving a child from falling to his death. With the help of Kamran and his mother Najma, she is driven to safety back at Kamran’s house… or so she believes.

the history of the bangle

Ms. Marvel Episode 3 begins with a flashback to British Occupied India in 1942, also known as the British Raj, where a group including Najma are excavating the ruins of a mosque. In the rubble, a blue severed arm is discovered, wearing the bangle now owned by Kamala. Aisha, Kamala’s great-grandmother, puts on the bangle and as British Soldiers invade the mosque, she gets separated from Najma and the rest of the group. In the present, Najma explains to Kamala that they are a group dubbed the ClanDestines, a group of supernaturally gifted children from a family of Djinn from another dimension, the Noor Dimension. Her use of the bangle had called this group to Jersey City to locate her in hopes of returning to their home world.


Kamala reiterates this to Bruno, assuming his math skills could help her find information on locating the Noor Dimension. He recalls a story from Dr. Erik Selvig (yes, that one), and promises to help her out. Meanwhile, Nakia is focusing on her bid for board member when Damage Control shows up at the mosque. Nakia tells Kamala about their visit, and Kamala questions about what it means to be a Muslim superhero, especially in a post-9/11 world, where blatant racism and ostracizing run rampant. (And let’s not forget to congratulate Nakia on her win as the newest board member!)

Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan in Marvel Studios’ MS. MARVEL. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.


During the Mehndi Ceremony, Kamala is given a box Bruno had dropped off for her. Perhaps she wishes it holds the secrets to unlocking a portal to the Noor Dimension, but instead it holds the mask she will don in future episodes. Still contemplating wanting to do the right thing and be a good person, she seeks counsel from Sheikh Abdullah, voicing her concerns on the matter. “Good is not a thing you are, Kamala, it’s a thing you do,” he tells her in a Ben Parker-esque moment. She realizes she wants to continue her path to help Najma and the ClanDestines, but Kamran tells her to focus on the Aamir and Tyesha’s wedding first.

Bruno seeks answers of his own regarding the Djinn, and asks Yusuf what he knows about them. These were once the demons of Kamala’s nightmares, a cautionary tale of sorts, but Yusuf tells Bruno that they were exiled from their home world, and only a “primordial source of power” could take them back to their home world. He contemplates telling Kamala about his acceptance to CalTech, but decides he is going. He wants to know Kamala will be okay on her own without his ability to interfere should she need help; that she cannot be reckless. She wants more than anything to be like her hero Carol Danvers, but she doesn’t want to put herself, or anyone else, in the path of danger.

The dance before the storm.


Kamala overhears Yusuf giving Aamir a pep talk on choosing to live in love over living in fear, and that “a man who chooses family is never alone.” She realizes her decision to help once the wedding is over is the right one, but for now she’s choosing joy with her family and celebrating her brother’s nuptials in a full-blown Bollywood dance, which should be included in Ms. Marvel from here on out.


This joy doesn’t last long, however, when Kamran crashes the reception to warn Kamala that his mother is impatient, and will not simply ask for her help anymore, but will take it instead. To save her family and friends, she pulls the fire alarm to evacuate everyone from the building when Najma and the ClanDestines converge, making this group of Djinn, the things of Kamala’s childhood nightmares, very real. Kamran begs them to leave everyone alone, but instead, they corner Kamala. As she defends herself against Najma, she envisions a train coming at her, emblazoned with Karachi on the front.

Najma and Kamala
Najma (Nimra Bucha) reveals her true intentions in Episode 3 (via

After delivering a power-driven punch to dispel her attackers, Kamala leaves with an injured Bruno just as Damage Control interferes and detains the group, much to her relief, until Nakia realizes she is the superhero that everyone is seeking. Now Damage Control isn’t just a group, but something Kamala will have to eventually do in the future to patch up her relationship with her best friend.


Back at home, Kamala is on another awkward FaceTime call with her Nani, but it’s not the usual call the two share. Nani tells Kamala she, too, has seen the vision of the train coming at her, and demands Kamala to make the trip to Karachi.

Ms. Marvel thus far has been the perfect blend of reflection of teen angst. It’s not just about a superhero learning how to control her emotions in relation to her powers, but growing up in general, navigating friendships and dealing with her family. Iman Vellani‘s incredible portrayal as Kamala Khan in this series has exceeded expectations and there’s no question the series will finish off satisfactorily, leading into other MCU series and movies featuring Ms. Marvel and perhaps the ClanDestines!

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