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Ms. Marvel Review – THE HERO OF A NEW AGE

Prepare to be shocked and amazed with the MCU’s latest instalment of a new young hero on our screens. Phase 4 has focused on the fallout of the Infinity Saga. Half the world’s population vanished for five years, and returned to confusion. However, it’s also been about introducing the next generation of superheroes. Ms Marvel is as close as we’ve come to the comic book pages coming to life. The first 2 episodes came as an exciting, lovable & vibrant introduction to her imaginative teenage coming of age story.

The TV shows are starting to get to a point where they’re actually getting better than the movies. Obviously that’s credit to having a much longer runtime and being able to actually dive into the characters more. It’s a treat to be able to learn about what makes them so special. Ms. Marvel was captivating from the beginning. Opening with the The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’, the tone was set from the beginning.

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Episodes one and two perfectly set the foundation of her dynamic with her parents, especially her mother. A lot of teens will be able to relate to the young adolescence of Kamala Khan. Struggling to be understood by her parents, she feels pressured by her guidance counsellor to have her entire life figured out and stop daydreaming. However, all she wants to do is break free and embrace who she is inside.

Before the end of her senior year, Actress Iman Vellani had gotten the news she was going to star as Kamala Khan, Marvel’s first Muslim superhero to headline her own comic. From here on, her life was changed forever. This was Vellanis dream come true, whose childhood was spent reading comics and watching Marvel movies. Her parents emigrated from Pakistan, and the actress is excited to be part of a superhero series that represents her culture and community.

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Instead of the traditional comic stretching arms and being an Inhuman, Kamala Khan will discover an old family heirloom that allows her to create constructs out of kinetic energy. The spirit is still there. While there has been a backlash to this change, Kevin Feige stands by it to make Kamala’s debut among Marvel fans more streamlined within the MCU.

The universe continues to expand and Ms. Marvel is a proud entry for what seems to be a great series. The episodes did a fantastic job not relying too much on CGI with a majority of everything shot in camera with breathtaking lighting. The colors are straight out of a comic book with incredible color pallets and cosmic-neon city lights making the presence of New York feel electrifying and alive. The series is scratching the surface of what’s to come. Episodes 1 and 2 will have everyone looking forward to Kamala Khan’s journey.


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