Anjali Bhimani - Ms Marvel

Anjali Bhimani: Queen of the Illumin-Aunties

Ms. Marvel has been an incredible addition to the Disney+ roster. The series has been a breath of fresh air, providing light-hearted comedy combined with strong emotional beats. Iman Vellani has proven to be the perfect fit for Kamala Khan. However, she isn’t the only actor who has enhanced the show. Anjali Bhimani, cast as Auntie Ruby, brings humor and charisma to the series. The Illumin-Aunties know all, and Anjali is the Queen.

Anjali Bhimani Joins the Agents of Fandom

Anjali Bhimani - Agents of Fandom
Anjali Bhimani Joins the Agents of Fandom

The Agents of Fandom were lucky enough to host Anjali Bhimani on the podcast this week. While the conversation focused on Ms. Marvel, we also dove deep into mental health. Anjali is also a video game legend, as she voices Rampart in Apex Legends, as well as Symmetra from Overwatch. She has spent time on the set of shows such as Modern Family, Criminal Minds and Law & Order, to name a few. Despite spending time on shows with incredible casts, Anjali maintained that Iman Vellani is the real deal. Her ability to lead a series has inspired Anjali, and she has been blown away by Iman’s performance. Ms. Bhimani also spoke incredibly highly of her Apex Legends co-star JB Blanc, who we have interviewed in the past here with the Agents of Fandom.

The Illumin-Aunties are some of the most fun characters in the series. Anjali Bhimani as Auntie Ruby leads the charge as the group newscaster. We discussed which Avengers are their favorites, and which are lower on the list. The importance of representation in the series and Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole was also a focal point of the conversation. Anjali has a similar philosophy to Spider-Man, that with Great Power, also comes Great Responsibility. She believes it’s imperative to use her platform to benefit others, and she’s doing a phenomenal job.

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