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New Taylor Swift Music To Release Before Eras Tour Begins

Taylor Swift announced that she will be releasing new music ahead of The Eras Tour. Let’s talk about the new tracks.

Taylor dropped another bombshell on Swifties today as she reveals four new songs will release in celebration of The Eras Tour, which starts in just two days. New Taylor Swift music releases are always a joyous occasion, with all hell breaking loose amongst her fans. Hardcore fans may recognise the four previously unreleased songs, but they will be unfamiliar to casual listeners. Let’s break down the new tracks.

In celebration of The Eras Tour, I’m releasing 4 previously unreleased songs tonight at midnight

Taylor Swift via her socials on March 16, 2023
Taylor Swift in the 'Safe and Sound' music video in 2012 | new taylor swift music | Agents of Fandom
Taylor Swift in the “Safe and Sound” music video in 2012. Image credit: TaylorSwiftVevo.

The first taste of new Taylor Swift music

“Eyes Open (Taylor’s Version)”

“Eyes Open” is a song recorded by Taylor that features on the movie soundtrack for The Hunger Games (2012). It appears on the album Songs From District 12 and Beyond, but never actually makes it to the film. The song explores Hunger Games’ main character Katniss‘ relationship with her government and reminds her to trust nobody.

The song has a more rock-orientated tone, which is a huge step-up for Swift after her focus on country music early in her career. It landed at #19 on the Billboards chart in 2012 and music critics named it a “standout” on the record. Taylor re-releasing this song over ten years later is bound to have fans excited.

“Safe & Sound (Ft. Joy Williams & John Paul White) (Taylor’s Version)”

Safe & Sound” is Taylor’s second song on the Songs From District 12 and Beyond album. It is the more popular of the two, carrying a calm, lullaby feel with haunting undertones. The song tells a story of Katniss’ life with her younger sister, and how she always wants to protect her.

Taylor’s vocals have changed a lot since the song’s release in 2012, and the re-recording is sure to bring a new, exciting energy. Jody Rosen describes it as “Swift’s prettiest ballad” for Rolling Stone. The song also received a nomination for Musical Event of The Year at the 2012 Country Music Association Awards.

Many fans online are very excited to hear Taylor’s new version of this beloved song.

Taylor Swift in a promo for Speak Now: Deluxe Edition New Taylor Swift Music Releasing | Agents of Fandom
Taylor Swift in a promo for Speak Now: Deluxe Edition. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

“If This Was A Movie (Taylor’s Version)”

If This Was A Movie” is a Target-exclusive track on Taylor’s Speak Now album. Her albums often have bonus tracks, which can only be listened to by purchasing the CD from Target. However, a few months ago this song, along with the other bonus tracks, dropped on Spotify out of the blue. Swifties started spiraling and theorizing about a possible re-record of Speak Now. (We are still waiting, Blondie.)

The pop-rock song tells a dramatic love story in which Taylor dreams of a lost love returning to her. It is a perfect song to scream at the top of your lungs and fulfill your romantic daydream storylines. It will be glorious to hear Taylor revisit this track with a fresh perspective on her past relationships and memories.

“All Of The Girls You Loved Before”

“All Of The Girls You Loved Before” is an unreleased track that was considered for Taylor’s 2019 album Lover. Earlier this year, the song leaked on TikTok, which led to fans begging for its official release. Well, here it is!

Lover focuses on Taylor’s personal life and her past trials and tribulations in the public eye. We can expect a deeply emotional track and, some incredible vocals. “[The song] shows off Taylor’s incredible vocal range. At the end of the bridge, her vocals soar impressively high,” describes Taylor’s Inner Circle, an infamous Swiftie group.

What does (Taylor’s Version) mean in all new Taylor Swift music?

Taylor doesn’t own the rights to any albums from her debut through to Reputation (2017). Starting with Fearless in 2021, Swift is re-recording her albums to regain the rights to her songs, whilst preventing Scooter Braun from profiting off her music.

Debates whether she would re-record unreleased tracks such as “Safe and Sound” and “Eyes Open” sparked amongst fans after Taylor revealed her plans. Now that we know these songs are underway, could we see other tracks such as “Crazier” from Hannah Montana: The Movie re-recorded soon? (I hope so. That song slaps.)

Taylor’s new music is streaming on all platforms. Follow the Agents of Fandom on socials to stay up to date with the latest fandom news.

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