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Taylor Swift Albums Breakdown: Songs We Dream To Hear On ‘The Eras Tour’

Hey there Swifties! Check out the songs we would love to hear Taylor Swift perform on her Eras tour.

Taylor Swift has undoubtedly been the most influential artist over the last two decades. A woman with such power and force, society has collectively dubbed her as “The Music Industry.” With that title, she broke countless records and fearlessly inspired generations of new musicians and artists alike. And she continues to do so. 

All eyes are on Swift’s highly anticipated The Eras Tour, which will be her latest appearance in front of a massive crowd since her record-setting Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018.

Taylor has since released six new albums including her re-recordings (*see below)—Lover (2019), folklore (2020), evermore (2020), Fearless (Taylor’s Version) (2021), Red (Taylor’s Version) (2021), and Midnights (2022).

Taylor Swift decided to re-record her first six albums in order to own the rights to her own music.

Swifties have been anxious to see Taylor perform live again, showcasing her massive discography of music. When the tickets for The Eras Tour came out (in the US), Ticketmaster broke, which later resulted in a lawsuit regarding ticket distribution. This shows how powerful of a woman Taylor Swift really is, and how passionate her fans are. 

Swift is promoting The Eras Tour to be a “journey through the musical eras of [her] career” and it is understood that each of her 10 albums will shine in some way. But 10 albums mean a lot of songs, and Swifties’ (including myself) minds have gone wild to the point of “what on Earth will the tour set list look like?”

Here’s our breakdown of her 10 albums, with a few songs from each that we’d dream to hear Taylor Swift perform on The Eras Tour.

*Author’s Note: Taylor’s re-recorded albums will be in place of when the originals were released to avoid repetition.

Taylor Swift in all her eras in a promotional poster for The Eras Tour | Agents of Fandom
Taylor Swift The Eras Tour poster. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift (2006)

A young Taylor Swift posing for the cover of her first self-titled album | Agents of Fandom
Taylor Swift (2006) album cover. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

You’re just another picture to burn!

Picture To Burn

The album that started it all! The self-titled album from 16-year-old Taylor Swift brings her voice to the light and launches her ever-growing career—first as a country artist. The album’s overarching theme is being a teenager, and the debut album deals with all things coming-of-age: romantic relationships, friendships, and insecurities.

Surely Taylor will look back at this and feel some songs from her high school days are worth singing. After all, this is the album that launched her career!

Songs from this album we dream to hear on The Eras Tour include her first single “Tim McGraw,” along with “Teardrops On My Guitar,” “Picture To Burn,” and “Should’ve Said No.” But imagine if she comes out with “Our Song?” That’s OG country artist Taylor Swift 101!

*Fearless (Taylor’s Version) (2021)

Taylor Swift with her eyes closed and arms in the air for the Fearless (Taylor's Version) album cover | Agents of Fandom
Fearless (Taylor Version) album cover. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

I’d dance in the storm in my best dress, fearless!


Fearless is the first album released in the “Taylor’s Version” catalog after Swift announced she was re-recording her first six albums in August 2019. On top of re-recording her original tunes from this traditional country album, she released six new songs—which Taylor labeled as “From The Vault” tracks.

What’s better than not only hearing her original tunes, but new unreleased tracks that didn’t make the original 2008 album?! The original album made Taylor the youngest artist to win Album Of The Year at the Grammys in 2010. To summarize, Fearless is an album about the courage needed to embrace the challenges of love, romance, and personal desires.

For The Eras Tour, we want to hear classic songs such as “Fearless,” “Love Story,” “The Way I Loved You,” and “You Belong With Me.” Taylor’s From The Vault tracks like “Mr. Perfectly Fine” are also guaranteed to get the stadium booming.

Honorable mention: Taylor will be on tour around Mother’s Day, and it’s only right she sings “The Best Day” in honour of her mother, Andrea Swift.

Speak Now (2010)

Taylor Swift wearing dress, waving it around in the album cover for Speak Now | Agents of Fandom
Speak Now (2010) album cover. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

I was enchanted to meet you.


Speak Now, according to rumours, is to be the next album in her “Taylor’s Version” list of re-recorded albums, and we cannot wait to see that album come to light (again) soon. For now, the album is Taylor’s transition from her teenage years to adulthood, and it’s time that Taylor “speaks now” of these songs by singing them on tour. Speak Now is also the first self-written album by Swift, and it was written in the span of two years while she was promoting Fearless in 2008.

Songs from Speak Now we are itching to listen to Taylor Swift perform on The Eras Tour are “Mine,” “Sparks Fly,” “Back to December,” “Mean,” “Better Than Revenge,” and the unforgettable, “Enchanted.”

*Red (Taylor’s Version) (2021)

Taylor Swift holding her hat looking away from camera in the album cover for Red (Taylor's Version) | Agents of Fandom
Red (Taylor’s Version) (2021) album cover. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.


Red is arguably the most heartbreaking songwriting on an album by Taylor Swift. It’s been a decade since the original dropped, yet this “Taylor’s Version” of an album elevated the initial to the maximum. This is only the second re-recorded album she has released, so there are four upcoming albums to re-release from Taylor’s vault in order for her to top this autumn setting and emotionally driven album.

Similar to Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Taylor released nine From The Vault tracks, including a collaboration with the talented Phoebe Bridgers, and the release of the historical “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version).” The critically-acclaimed short film adaptation of the 10-minute song starring Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink and Teen Wolf‘s Dylan O’Brien went on to win a Grammy for Best Music Video, amongst many other awards.

Songs from Red we’d be delighted to hear Taylor Swift perform on The Eras Tour consist of “Red,” “22,” “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and of course, “All Too Well,” in addition to From The Vault songs, “Message In A Bottle,” and “I Bet You Think About Me.”

Swifties are ready to scream with thousands of other fans about being broken like “a crumpled up piece of paper,” but all things serious, enjoy yourself with Taylor. She probably wants you thriving to her music from Red, even if you relate to the heartbreak of them all!

Honorable mention: Speaking of Phoebe Bridgers, she is set to be a guest singer with Taylor on tour, so the duo will most likely perform “Nothing New,” which, will break several fans into tears.

1989 (2014)

Taylor Swift with her eyes covered with 1989 written with a big marker in 1989 album cover | Agents of Fandom
1989 (2014) album cover. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

‘Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

Blank Space

Named after her birth year, this is Taylor’s transition to pop music! The 80s inspired pop-electronic album is based on her personal life, and New York City served as inspiration for Taylor when writing and producing this album. 1989 gives her a sense of freedom from the country music she previously produced in order to become a pop phenomenon.

The masterclass of a timeless pop record made a huge impact for many other artists transitioning to a new genre of music they’ve never explored. The album won a Grammy for Album Of The Year, which, at the time, made Taylor the first woman in history to win two Album Of The Year awards.

For The Eras Tour, songs from 1989 we’re hoping to hear Taylor Swift perform live (again) are “Blank Space,” “Style,” “Out Of The Woods,” “Shake It Off,” “Bad Blood,” “Wildest Dreams,” “This Love,” “I Know Places,” “Clean,” and “New Romantics.”

reputation (2017)

Taylor Swift posing for her Reputation Album Cover | Agents of Fandom
reputation (2017) album cover. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

I’m sorry, but the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh. ‘Cause she’s dead.

Look What You Made Me Do

Reputation is one iconic era! The powerful, dark comeback album arrives from a three-year hiatus after the release of her previous album, 1989. The album consists of two lyrical scopes: vengeance and anger, and new-found love. Similar to 1989, Taylor stays in the lane of pop music, additionally bringing some feels of R&B and heavy electronic production, as well as influences of hip-hop and EDM.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2019, Taylor says that reputation is heavily inspired by the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Swift mentions some songs are in reference to characters and moments that happen on the show.

The tour for the album, Reputation Stadium Tour, went on to become the highest-grossing North American tour of all time, and the album itself was a massive event on its own.

Songs from reputation we can’t wait to hear Taylor Swift perform on her Eras Tour are “Look What You Made Me Do,” “I Did Something Bad,” “Don’t Blame Me,” “Delicate,” “Gorgeous,” “Getaway Car,” “King Of My Heart,” and “Call It What You Want.”

(If I’m being honest, reputation is my favourite album of Taylor’s, so naturally I want to put the entire album, but I tried to narrow it down—for now.)

Lover (2019)

Taylor Swift looking down in her album cover for Lover | Agents of Fandom
Lover (2019) album cover. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

Darling, I fancy you.

London Boy

Lover is a love letter to love! Taylor’s seventh album is a 360 degree transition from the dark, hip-hop influence of reputation. Lover is also the first album since Swift’s departure from her long-time recording label, Big Machine Records—meaning that Lover is the first album owned under her own name! Although, the album is released via Republic Records.

The album depicts the many ideas of love, along with addressing LGBTQ+ rights and feminism. Like 1989, there’s influence of the 1980s, bubblegum pop, and many other uplifting genres within the album.

Lover shows the maturity of Taylor’s perspective on romance, and how life can be strengthened by love and not broken by heartbreak. It’s a beautiful album which Taylor described to Vogue as “maddening, passionate, exciting, enchanting, horrific, tragic, wonderful glory,” absolutely representing the true chaos that is love.

Songs from Lover that we’d love to hear Taylor Swift perform on The Eras Tour include, “Cruel Summer,” “Lover,” “The Man,” “The Archer,” “I Think He Knows,” “Paper Rings,” “Cornelia Street,” “London Boy,” “You Need To Calm Down,” and “Daylight.”

folklore (2020)

Taylor Swift standing in the forest on her folklore album | Agents of Fandom
folklore (2020) album cover. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

You drew stars around my scars.


Folklore is the first surprise album Taylor Swift released during the COVID-19 pandemic. The folk, cottagecore album is said to be about the loneliness Taylor felt during the quarantine; encompassed by stories about escapism, nostalgia, and romance. As indicated by the album’s name, Taylor writes her songs using fictional narratives, characters, and story arcs, making this album unique to her previous albums—which are based on her own life.

This album is written and produced by Swift herself, alongside Taylor’s longtime producer and friend, Jack Antonoff, and The National’s Aaron Dessner. The trio worked on the album virtually from their respective homes across the United States. Folklore also features a collaboration with Bon Iver.

Taylor Swift’s longtime boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, is credited under the name “William Bowery” as a songwriter on the album. She revealed this in her concert documentary, Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions. (But, I’m sure every Swiftie already knew that before her reveal.)

Folklore went on to win a Grammy for Album Of The Year. Taylor made history (again) by becoming the first woman in history to win three Album Of The Year awards at the Grammys. She also performed and discussed the album in-depth, as mentioned in Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions. The album became the best-selling album of 2020 and broke Spotify’s record for biggest opening day. Not bad for the already record-breaking blondie!

Songs from folklore we want to hear Taylor Swift perform on The Eras Tour are “cardigan,” “the last great american dynasty,” “exile (ft. Bon Iver),” “mirrorball,” “august,” “illicit affairs,” “betty,” and “the lakes.”

evermore (2020)

Taylor Swift turned around in her album cover for evermore | Agents of Fandom
evermore (2020) album cover. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

You won’t remember all my champagne problems.

Champagne Problems

In December 2020, Taylor Swift gifted her fans with another surprise album—folklore‘s sister album, evermore. As its sibling album, evermore is a cottagecore album that tells more stories that Taylor created during the global lockdown.

folklore is about fantasy, loneliness, and nostalgia, while Evermore explores complex human emotions, and Taylor crafts that concept in her lyrics with tales of marriage, love, grief, and infidelity.

Evermore features more collaborations with Bon Iver, along with Aaron Dessner’s band The National, and the sisters’ trio band, HAIM.

For The Eras Tour, songs from evermore we hope to hear Taylor Swift perform are “Willow,” “Champagne Problems,” “Gold Rush,” “no body, no crime (ft. HAIM),” “happiness,” “ivy,” “long story short,” and “right where you left me.”

Midnights (2022)

Taylor Swift holding a lighter in her album cover for Midnights | Agents of Fandom
Midnights (2022) album cover. Image Credit: Taylor Swift.

It’s me, hi! I’m the problem, it’s me!


Midnights is the tenth studio album from Taylor Swift, which she describes on social media to be about “the stories of the 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life.” She announced the album at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards after winning for All Too Well: The Short Film. This album is the first original concept album since 2020’s folklore and evermore, as Taylor released both re-recordings of Red and Fearless in 2021.

Midnights explores themes of anxiety, insecurities, self-criticism, confidence, and as Swift mentions “sleepless nights”—insomnia. Taylor expands on the usual mainstream pop-music that she’s now known for, and gravitates towards bedroom pop, dream pop, and electronica when producing the album.

If you’ve been following Taylor, you’ll remember her iconic TikTok series Midnights Mayhem With Me, where she unveiled all 13 songs from Midnights. Then, on release day at three in the morning, (if you were like me and committing to staying up thinking it was for the tour announcement) Swift surprised us with the release of seven bonus tracks.

Midnights received high acclaim from both critics and listeners alike. It also went on to break several global records, which proves Taylor’s impact on pop-culture. This also reflects the depth of the artistry she has created for years. Lana Del Rey also makes an appearance on the album, and actress Zoë Kravitz is credited as a songwriter.

Songs from Midnights we can’t wait to hear Taylor Swift perform on The Eras Tour, are “Lavender Haze,” “Maroon,” “Anti-Hero,” “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” “Midnight Rain,” “Question…?,” “Vigilante Shit,” “Bejeweled,” “Karma,” “Mastermind,” “The Great War,” and “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve.”

Oh, and Taylor, we will definitely “meet you at midnight!”

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour is on its way!

All of Taylor Swift’s albums are special in their own way. It’s clear that she won’t be able to sing all of these songs, but we’ve covered a few we hope to hear her perform.

Taylor is set to start The Eras Tour on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona. She will continue the tour across the United States, finishing in Los Angeles in August 2023. International fans (including me) will have to (sadly and patiently) wait until she announces the worldwide tour. For now, let’s blast, sing, scream, dance, and maybe even cry to all 10 albums on repeat.

Is there a Taylor Swift song we missed that you think she should perform on tour? After all, she does have approximately 230 songs in her music discography!

Let us know on the Agents of Fandom socials, and hit me up on Twitter to talk all things Taylor Swift!

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