Nicolas Cage loves playing superheroes. At least, he used to.

Superhero Nicolas Cage: Is He Butthurt or Just Behaving?

Nicolas Cage is an actor who can do it all, namely superhero movies. But lately, he doesn’t have time for them. Is that legit or is he covering for something else?

“Superhero Nicolas Cage.” When you think of him, do you associate him with CBMs? Nicolas Cage is a fascinating enigma wrapped in a filmmaking mystery surrounded by some faux rumors. He’s one of the largest actors in Hollywood, and the guy who was supposed to be Superman—Tim Burton was going to direct.

Of course, the movie never happened, leaving Cage and CBM fans alike wondering what could have been. The untold secret is this Superhero Nicolas Cage wants to show both fandoms where they missed out.

That’s what makes his recent interview on Yahoo all the more interesting, namely the part where he shares that he doesn’t really care to watch comic book movies.

Yeah, this should be good.

The former actor dubbed Superhero Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage would have been an interesting Clark Kent, right?  | Agents of Fandom
Because, of course, Tim Burton wanted an Emo Superman. Image Credit: Skellington Productions.

Looking at the big picture, you would think Nicolas Cage is a big nerd. Hiding his tuft of chest hair tuft under the Kryptonian “S” and having more of it on his head, that’s a guy who loves superhero movies.

He may have, but today, he admits he doesn’t have CBM fatigue from them—he’s just not watching them these days.

“I don’t have anything against superhero movies…it’s not really what I’m consuming, so to speak. It’s fine, is what I guess I’m trying to say.”

—Nicolas Cage, Yahoo! Entertainment

Sure, that sounds great in an interview, Nicky. Nonetheless, if you expect us to believe that he doesn’t go to bed with his tight Superman underroos, you should think again. Let’s traverse his nerd resume.

  • Ghost Rider (2007)
  • Astro Boy (2009)
  • Kick-Ass (2010)
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)
  • Teen Titans Go! to the Movies (2018)
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)
  • Superman Lives (TBD?)

As Spider-Man Noir alone, the considered Superhero Nicolas Cage is epic. But his experience with CBMs—suck-out-loud or not—is well archived. And now, he’s not interested? What’s not right about this scenario?

“I mean, did I have my tray of lemon cookies and my bottle of NyQuil and lose my mind reading Stan Lee’s Marvel Comics at 12? Of course, I did, but I’m not doing that anymore, I’m not really that up on [the new movies]”

—Nicolas Cage, Yahoo! Entertainment

Something is rattling Nic’s cage

Nicolas Cage will always be a nerd, right?  | Agents of Fandom
What’s really behind those teeth? Image Credit: Michel K. Short/Skybound Entertainment.

There has to be something a little more to Nicolas Cage going full “meh” on superhero movies. The guy has been in both Marvel and DC films, and he’s turned down more films than some people get offered. No, really, look:

  • Sam Raimi considered Cage for his Green Goblin
  • Joel Schumacher wanted him to play Scarecrow in Batman: Unchained
  • Keanu Reeves almost lost Constantine to Nicolas Cage
  • And then, there’s Tim Burton flirting with Superman and Cage
Luke Cage and Superhero Nicolas Cage shares something in common | Agents of Fandom
Image Credit: John Romita Sr. + Roy Thomas/Marvel Comics.

But yeah, no superhero fatigue on his part. One more kicker to add to your reading pleasure? Look at his name. No, not “Nicolas Kim Coppola.” (Yes, he’s part of that Coppola family.) His stage name. Do you know where he discovered that iconic surname?

One of the Heroes for Hire, Luke Cage!

In a fantastic introspective interview from Wired, he addresses some of the most notable questions asked of him. When he appeared in the ’80s cult classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High as Nic Coppola, he wasn’t a fan of the filmmaking experience because folks kept making nepotism claims considering his uncle is Francis Ford.

However, he was destined for the big screen, so something had to change. That “something” was the very name he wanted to hide.

“It’s a combination of Luke Cage from Marvel Comics, who was a character I liked, also named Power Man, and John Cage, the avant-garde composer. Speaks volumes about everything I’ve been up to ever since.”

—Nicolas Cage, Wired

Still superhero Nicolas Cage

Ghost Rider is the film where he became "Superhero Nicolas Cage." | Agents of Fandom
Nic Vage in Ghost Rider. Image Credit: Jasin Boland/Relativity Media.

And there you have it.

So, Mr. Superhero Nicolas Cage will probably never have CBM fatigue. It’s doubtful his phone will stop ringing from random comic book ideas featuring his face, either. However, he’s fine doing spoofs on himself and now, Lord Nosferatu.

Butthurt? He’s probably still chafing from Superman Lives—but more than likely, just behaving and focusing on the monster side of theatrics for a moment. That said, when you have comic book movies on your CV like Ghost Rider, who wouldn’t want another crack at Marvel or DC?

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