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Busted Greatest Hits 2.0 Is a Mesmerizing Album Loaded With Nostalgia

This UK pop band is teaming up with iconic artists for a reinvention of their biggest hits!

Busted Greatest Hits 2.0 is now streaming on all platforms, and perfectly blends the sounds that defined the early 2000s for millennials with contemporary voices that appeal to younger generations. Growing up in the 90s and 00s, before Spotify and Apple Music, ‘Fresh’ songs on MTV or those amazing countdowns on TRL (Total Request Live) were the easiest ways to access the best Busted songs around.

By collaborating with popular artists and bands who have a huge following, they have found the sweet spot to satisfy millennials as well as attracting a brand-new crowd.

Who is Busted?

Busted Greatest Hits 2.0: Matt Willis, James Bourne and Charlie Simpson. | Agents of Fandom
L-R: Matt Willis, James Bourne and Charlie Simpson. Image Credit: Dave Tonge.

Formed in 2000, Busted are an English pop-punk band from Essex, United Kingdom. The band consists of co-founder & lead vocalist James Bourne, co-founder & bassist Matt Willis, and lead-guitarist Charlie Simpson. They were instrumental in getting kids into the rock genre. After four UK number-one singles and two Brit Awards in 2005, the band split to focus on their solo careers. Ten years later, they’re back together again and touring with a new album, Night Driver.

What is Busted Greatest Hits 2.0?

Album cover of Busted Greatest Hits 2.0 | Agents of Fandom
Greatest Hits 2.0 by Busted. Image Credit: Virgin Radio UK.

20 years since their debut album, Busted has carefully thought of a way to merge their loyal audience with the people who have been unaware of their musical prowess.

Busted Greatest Hits 2.0 is a celebration of the late 90s and early 2000s pop-rock scene. They are collaborating with the Jonas Brothers, All Time Low, Simple Plan, James Arthur, Neck Deep, You Me at Six, Dashboard Confessional, The Vamps, Deaf Havana, Hanson, Charlotte Sands, McFly and Wheatus. All tracks are re-recorded with the new artists’ input, which is a perfect combination of rebirth and nostalgia.

Top 5 picks from the album

Most singles on the album have a deeper meaning to everyone who listened to them during their childhood. The album as a whole takes us on a euphoric journey, scattered with memories of joy and heartbreak, but it ultimately molded us into the people we are today.

Below are the top five tracks from the re-release that perfectly balance nostalgia and reinvention.

5. Busted Greatest Hits 2.0 – “Loser Kid 2.0”

Collaborating with other bands that were blasting out hits during the 2000s makes perfect sense for Greatest Hits 2.0. The mixture of Busted and Canadian rock band Simple Plan is a nostalgia overload in all the best ways. This remake maintains the perfection of the original, with the addition of Simple Plan’s classic punk energy.

4. Busted Greatest Hits 2.0 – “MMMBop 2.0”

“MMMBop” is a song by American pop-rock band, Hanson. It released in 1997 as the lead single from their first studio album, Middle of Nowhere. An immediate memory takes me to an episode of Chuck (Chuck Versus the Cougars) where Chuck flashes Dick Duffy, while John Casey dances to the song. A classic!

The re-recording is the only track on the album that isn’t based on an original Busted song. The duet with Hanson improves on the initial track, which didn’t seem possible! The collaboration maintains the feel-good “hip-pop” classic that many people loved in the 90s, with the classic pop-punk sound that Busted has become known for.

3. Busted Greatest Hits 2.0 – “Crashed the Wedding 2.0”

“Crashed the Wedding” became the band’s second single to hit the UK’s number one spot, and is widely regarded as one of their best songs ever made. The song is loosely based on the wedding scene in the film The Graduate, and the lyric “I’m so rushed off my feet, looking for Gordon Street” is a reference to the film Wayne’s World 2. All Time Low is hot in 2023, so the 2.0 collaboration ensures that this single will reach incredibly highs!

2. Busted Greatest Hits 2.0 – “3AM 2.0”

“3AM” released back in 2004 as part of a double A-side single (with “Thunderbirds”). The single won the title of ‘Record of the Year’ in 2004 and peaked at number one on the UK charts. How did they manage to improve on the original song’s amazing vocals? Collaborate with the pop-soul king, James Arthur. Arthur’s calming, but powerful voice ensures that the track breaks its former ceiling It’s simply brilliant.

1. Busted Greatest Hits 2.0 – “Year 3000 2.0”

“Year 3000” has to be THE most iconic Busted song. The lyrics “He told me he built a time machine, like one in a film I’ve seen” refers to James Bourne’s obsession with the movie Back To The Future, which is this song’s inspiration. The band allowed the Jonas Brothers to cover the single back in 2007, which was a huge hit! Now that both bands have blended their sounds together for the 2.0 version, a masterpiece is born. 20 years later, it’s become the time machine Busted fans have been looking for since its release in 2003.

Where can I listen to Busted Greatest Hits 2.0?

Busted’s latest album is now available on Spotify and Apple Music. What are you waiting for? Your one-way trip to the early 2000s awaits. Enjoy the collaborations!

Busted Greatest Hits 2.0 tracklist:

1. “Year 3000 2.0” (Feat. Jonas Brothers)
2. “Loser Kid 2.0” (Feat. Simple Plan)
3. “3AM 2.0” (Feat. James Arthur)
4. “Crashed the Wedding 2.0” (Feat. All Time Low)
5. “Meet You There 2.0” (Feat. Neck Deep)
6. “Air Hostess 2.0” (Feat. You Me At Six)
7. “Everything I Knew 2.0” (Feat. Dashboard Confessional)
8. “What I Go To School For 2.0” (Feat. The Vamps)
9. “Sleeping With The Light On 2.0” (Feat. Deaf Havana)
10. “MMMBop 2.0” (Feat. Hanson)
11. “You Said No 2.0” (Feat. Charlotte Sands)
12. “Thunderbirds Are Go 2.0” (Feat. McFly)
13. “She Wants To Be Me” (Feat. Bowling For Soup)
14. “Who’s David 2.0” (Feat. Wheatus)

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