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Ms. Marvel Episode 2: The Fun Continues

Kamala Khan is quickly becoming one of Earth’s favorite heroes. Maybe not in the Marvel universe, but in real life. With marketing geared towards children and teens, many adults didn’t expect to find this much enjoyment in Ms. Marvel. The show deals with complex dynamics and weaves culture and a fresh story into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Much like the first episode, Ms. Marvel episode 2 continues the trend of being the same fast-paced, emotional bundle of fun as the premiere.

Ms. Marvel Episode 2

Ms Marvel Episode 2 Agents of Fandom

My in-depth, spoiler-filled thoughts can be found on the Agents of Fandom podcast, where Britt Gorman from Streamr joined us to talk about Ms. Marvel. We were all in agreement that this series has been fantastic. However, unlike Moon Knight, there are plenty of Marvel easter eggs throughout.

Ms. Marvel episode 2 introduces us to Kamran, who feels a little too good to be true. While he’s incredibly charming, some red flags leave us moving slower than Kamala in his car. In other words, keep your eye on this guy.

Although not the introduction of a new character, Ms. Marvel episode 2 further explored the character of Nakia, my favorite in the series to date. Nakia is fierce, smart and humorous. Her character provides a nice sub-plot alongside Kamala’s journey. However, this is still Kamala’s show.

Despite needing to aid Nakia in her campaign, Kamala has another agenda in mind. Her journey ‘helping’ Nakia in this episode gives us an extended look at another character, and we are thankful. This is someone the Agents of Fandom are particularly excited about.

The IlluminAunties

Next week the Agents of Fandom will be joined by Anjali Bhimani. The amazing Ms. Bhimani plays one of Kamala’s aunties in the series, and she particularly likes to gossip. Although I don’t know if this will translate into the real world, we are certainly ecstatic to have the opportunity to speak with Anjali about Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel on Disney+

Ms. Marvel has had my favorite first two episodes of any show yet to premiere on Disney+. The pacing has been lightning quick, all the while giving a very episodic feel. The rest of the series is sure to excite, as Kamala Khan continues to Embiggen our hearts.

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