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Ted Lasso Episode 6 “Sunflowers”: Don’t Worry About a Thing

No curfew for AFC Richmond as the losing streak continues…what could go wrong?

Now halfway through, Ted Lasso has not disappointed in its final season. The AFC Richmond crew has continued the comedic genius and heartfelt storylines that debuted at the beginning of the series. Ted Lasso episode 6 “Sunflowers” is one of the very best of the season (and maybe the series), with all the characters forced to confront major emotional challenges.

*Warning: This post contains spoilers for Ted Lasso episode 6, “Sunflowers”*

No curfew enforced in Ted Lasso episode 6

After another crushing defeat, this time in the Netherlands, AFC Richmond find themselves reeling. The team is out of sorts, with no one on the same page from the pitch to management. Although the loss is only a friendly match and won’t count in the standings, the team still finds themselves in the dumps.

The coaching staff senses the team needs a major shakeup after the loss of Zava (Maximillian Ozinksi), coach Lasso decides to lift curfew for the entire team. One night out, no rules, gallivanting throughout Amsterdam. What could go wrong?

Every little thing is gonna be alright

Charlie Hiscock and Jeremy Swift in Ted Lasso episode 6 now streaming on Apple TV+. | Agents of Fandom
Charlie Hiscock and Jeremy Swift in Ted Lasso episode 6, now streaming on Apple TV+. Image Credit: Apple TV+.

It’s no surprise “Sunflowers” eclipses the hour mark, considering how many stories are woven into the episode; Higgins (Jeremy Swift) leads a red-light district romp, the AFC Richmond players stick together, and the coaching staff leading their own adventures. Chaos was bound to ensue!

Although we don’t see Keeley (Juno Temple) and Jack (Jodi Balfour) continue their romance in Ted Lasso episode 6, it’s heavily referenced as Keeley leaves Rebecca (Hannah Waddington) for a night on her own in Amsterdam to embark to Norway with Jack. One of the episode’s most fun side quests is the budding bromance between Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster).

While the rest of the team stays together for some team bonding, Roy and Jamie continue their intense training to help Jamie become the best footballer he can be. Jamie’s constant babbling about the history of Amsterdam and windmills finally breaks down Roy’s barriers, and the two connect at a much deeper level than we’ve previously seen.

One of the funnier moments of the season thus far involves Roy admitting to Jamie he’s never learned how to ride a bike. After a heartfelt moment where Roy opes up about the loss of his granddad, Jamie dawns the mantle of coach as he teaches the ever-intimidating Roy Kent how to ride a bicycle.

Between Roy opening up about his struggles with Keeley and Jamie detailing his fond memories of Amsterdam with his parents, the two are truly building a beautiful friendship. Sometimes, all you need to get through life’s lows are to see the small beauties in it—like a windmill—and spend some quality time with a friend.

Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein as Jamie Tartt and Roy Kent in Ted Lasso episode 6 now streaming on Apple TV+ | Agents of Fandom
Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein as Jamie Tartt and Roy Kent in Ted Lasso, now streaming on Apple TV+.
Image Credit: Apple TV+.

Although Rebecca doesn’t get the same friendship adventure as Roy and Jamie in Ted Lasso episode 6, she still partakes in quite the rollercoaster ride. After falling into a canal, losing her phone, and drenching her clothes, Rebecca’s fortunes may have finally turned. A kind man invites Rebecca onto his boat and sparks fly immediately.

Although Rebecca is hesitant at first, the chemistry is undeniable. He has similar ex-partner traumas. He has a daughter. They both love to sing, dance, and have conversation over wine. The two spend a wonderful and emotionally intimate evening together, then part ways without so much as sharing their full names or phone numbers. Despite this, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of this mystery man.

Total football

The players’ time together provides some hilarious moments, however, it is mostly a chaotic disagreement between the AFC Richmond footballers. From trying to find a tulip to visiting a live sex show, the team can’t agree on what they should do with their free night. After an entire night of arguments and drinks, the team provides a pleasant call-back to past seasons, finally choosing to have a pillow fight.

The mess the team makes of their decision-making process is a clear allegory for the team’s lack of success this season, and it is wonderful to finally see them on the same page. It’s a hilarious addition to include the serving staff kicking back with their ties off and enjoying the players’ slow-motion pillow fight in their practice jerseys.

Kola Bokinni and Toheeb Jimoh as Isaac and Sam in Ted Lasso, now streaming on Apple TV+ | Agents of Fandom.
Kola Bokinni and Toheeb Jimoh as Isaac and Sam in Ted Lasso, now streaming on Apple TV+. Image Source: Apple TV+.

While the team argue over plans, Colin (Billy Harris) sneaks out to enjoy some time to himself and Trent Crimm (James Lance) sneakily follows behind. The pair finally meet at a gay bar called Prick, where Colin attempts to act like he wanders into the wrong place. Trent reveals he’s known Colin’s secret since Sam’s restaurant opening, which allows the two to have one of the most honest conversations of the night.

Too often in our society are athletes made to hide their true selves; forced to live two lives. One life allows for success, while the other allows for happiness. Colin, for the first time since Dr. Sharon (Sarah Niles), is allowed to confront both of those lives simultaneously. The two beautifully share their own experiences, echoing a problem that many have long faced in secret, that we, as a society, are just now attempting to broach.

Magic mushrooms

My favorite arc of Ted Lasso episode 6 is undoubtedly that of the titular character. Ted admits to Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) that he’s feeling stuck in a rut and in major need of inspiration. It seems Ted Lasso’s mental health struggles could be expanding into depression as well. Or, maybe it’s just a midlife crisis and he misses his home.

However, when Beard suggests a method of inspiration in which your brain creates different pathways to process thoughts from a different perspective, I knew exactly where he was headed. The Super Mario Bros weren’t the only facial-haired duo to be dabbling with magic mushrooms this week!

There’s increasing evidence that the psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms named psilocybin can have positive effects on those suffering from PTSD, addiction, depression, and more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a doctor, nor am I endorsing recreational drug use among the masses, however in the correct setting there’s evidence that psilocybin treatment can be beneficial.

The funny part about all of this is, last week I wrote about how Ted’s comparison of the team being in a storm was similar to a personal connection I made with my own mental health. This was a connection I made while tripping balls on magic mushrooms.

It’s clear Ted Lasso made some major epiphanies on his magic mushroom journey. I’m not sure if he was reluctant to take them at first because they were drugs, or because they were in the form of tea. Regardless, Coach Beard sets us up for another wild “Beard’s Night Out”-like episode when he begins his trip well before Ted, leading him to go out on his own.

At a classic American-style restaurant with ’90s NBA on the televisions and servers from everywhere but the USA, Ted finally feels at home. It’s been clear for a while that he’s homesick, and this is a nice breath of greasy fresh air. Upon the surprise delivery of his favorite barbecue sauce from home and a deep dive into triangle offense, Ted has his epiphany.

His impact on the team has been felt. His ability to stay hopeful and see the beauty in everything has positively impacted everyone around him. He doesn’t have to control this team anymore, just allow them to fill space and play free.

Although the offense Ted comes up with may not be groundbreaking (it’s just a rehashing of Total Football, a strategy developed in the Netherlands in the ’70s), it’s still a game plan that suits the team perfectly. The entire team returns to the bus and is ready for the trip back to England, including a star-studded, costumed Beard who tells Ted that the tea was a dud and the drugs didn’t work.

Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso episode 6, now streaming on Apple TV+ | Agents of Fandom
Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso episdoe 6, “Sunflowers,” now streaming on Apple TV+. Image Credit: Apple TV+.

Ted Lasso episode 6 is the halfway point of season three

We’ve reached the halfway point of season three, and I can’t wait to see what comes the rest of the way. Ted Lasso episode 6 does a phenomenal job of tying up some storylines from the season’s past, while setting up an incredible finish. While I’m not positive I can rank this the best episode of the series, it’s definitely the leader of season three to date.

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'Ted Lasso' Episode 6 “Sunflowers” Review

'Ted Lasso' Episode 6 “Sunflowers” Review
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The Good

  • Connecting current plot points to those of past seasons
  • Multiple exciting side quests while maintaining focus on the overall story
  • Some of the funniest and most wholesome moments of the series
  • Ted Lasso on drugs

The Bad

  • None are you kidding me?
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