‘Ghosted’ Trailer: Chris Evans And Ana de Armas Reunite In Action Rom-Com From Apple TV+

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas team up in the new romantic-comedy action-adventure.

The first trailer for Apple TV+‘s Ghosted from director Dexter Fletcher, starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas officially released. We couldn’t be more excited to see the duo back together for the third time, but now as romantic leads! After months of on-set images and tweets from Fletcher, they finally delivered with a trailer full of romance, comedy, and intense action.

It’s also “about damn time” we see Evans star again in a romantic-comedy!

What is Ghosted?

From the opening moments of the trailer, Ghosted seems like your typical romantic-comedy with Evans and de Armas playing lovers in a passionate story, but it quickly becomes clear that the film is much more than that.

Chris Evans plays a loveable, rural city dork named Cole, who falls for Ana de Armas’ Sadie, following a montage of their first date. Cole eventually takes it upon himself to travel to London, in what he hopes to be a romantic gesture, to track Sadie after she “ghosted” him. While in London, Cole gets entangled into a game of espionage, which leads him to discover the shocking truth about Sadie – she’s a secret CIA agent.

Before they’re able to decide on a second date, Cole and Sadie have to team up on an international adventure to save the world. As the trailer unfolds, we see the ‘Captain America‘ actor embracing his hero skills along with, de Armas’ action packed abilities. Action roles are becoming more and more familiar to her after starring in No Time To Die and The Gray Man as well as the upcoming John Wick spinoff movie Ballerina.

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans in the poster for Ghosted | Agents of Fandom
Ghosted Poster | Image Credit: Apple TV+.

The cast and crew

Dexter Fletcher, best known for his work on the Elton John biopic Rocketman, directs the romantic-comedy action-adventure film. The movie is penned by screenwriters Rhett Resse and Paul Wernick who previously worked on 2016’s Deadpool and 2018’s Deadpool 2 alongside actor Ryan Reynolds. The screenwriters are also attached to write the upcoming Deadpool 3 for Marvel Studios.

After starring together in Rian Johnson’s 2019 murder mystery Knives Out and The Russo Brothers’ 2022 action-thriller The Gray Man, Evans and de Armas are reunited. De Armas comes off after her recent Oscar Nomination for Blonde, while previously starring in Deep Water and Blade Runner 2049. Evans is best known for portraying ‘Captain America’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as starring in films Before We Go, Gifted, and Snowpiercer.

Adrien Brody (The Pianist), Mike Moh (Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood), Tim Blake Nelson (Just Mercy), Marwan Kenzari (Aladdin), Anna Deavere Smith (Inventing Anna), Lizzie Broadway (American Pie), Mustafa Shakir (Marvel’s Luke Cage), Tiya Sircar (The Good Place), Amy Sedaris (The Mandalorian), and Tate Donovan (Argo) have also joined the cast.

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas looking down in a scene in Ghosted | Agents of Fandom
Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in Ghosted | Image Credit: Apple TV+.

When does Ghosted release?

After waiting months for a trailer, anticipation for this film could not be any higher. It’s intriguing to see Chris Evans play a damsel in distress and Ana de Armas play his hero. We only hope that we don’t “ghost” them when the movie comes out, and we have one great rollercoaster ride complete with romance, comedy, action, and adventure.

Ghosted streams exclusively on Apple TV+ on April 21. Let us know your thoughts on the trailer on our socials!

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