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Zootopia+ Brings Back Charming Family Fun

The charmingly funny characters of Zootopia return to Disney+ for more exciting adventures, with the Agents of Fandom along for the ride.

The charmingly funny and family-favourite characters of Zootopia return to our screens for more exciting adventures and mischief.

Announced at D23 Expo 2022, Zootopia’s new family of animated shorts gives us a bigger insight into the lives of the movie’s side characters. From a reality show with rodents to a deputy’s dance-off, there are plenty of fun stories to go around. Zootopia+ is a treat, streaming exclusively on Disney+ on November 9th.

Zootopia+ Brings Bunnies and Bridal Parties

The first two episodes of Zootopia+ follow the family of Judy Hopps and Little Rodentia’s very own Fru Fru on their respective family missions. Whilst Mr. and Mrs. Hopps unintentionally follow Judy on her journey to a new life in the big city, audiences get another classic Disney love tale and an inevitable reminder of the loyalty of family, because it wouldn’t be a Disney story without them, would it?

The Real Rodents of Rodentia offers a hilarious reality show parody that even older audiences won’t feel any guilt having a laugh with. Bride-to-be Fru Fru and friends experience the trials and tribulations of wedding planning with juicy screaming matches and heartwarming family moments, the balance of comedy and realness could make this a fan-favourite episode.

Fru Fru and Mr Big in Zootopia - Walt Disney Animation Studios - Agents of Fandom
Fru Fru and Mr. Big in Zootopia+ – via Walt Disney Animation Studios

Making It Big Time

Great, another catchy Disney song to get stuck in my head. Following the city’s crook Duke Weasleton, episode three provides a musical number pitching a journey from rags to riches. Alan Tudyk returns to voice Weasleton which creates a pitiful yet laughable portrayal of a petty thief. Next up, we see a similar story of how Mr. Big started as a small creature trying to make his way in Zootopia. In his speech at daughter Fru Fru’s wedding, we follow a classic tale of the underdogs. The episode offers a heartwarming story of community and family. These two episodes may not be the strongest, however they provide fun side stories for younger viewers.

Dance-Offs and Dining

Zootopia+ undoubtedly saves the best for last with the final two episodes. We initially return to the love-hate relationship between Nate Torrence’s Clawhauser and Idris Elba’s Chief Bogo. The dynamic of these characters with their contradicting personalities presents a funny, lighthearted story pushing the importance of friendship.

Finally, it’s the character return we have all been waiting for; Flash. His and his wife’s agonizingly slow dinner service provides a humorous finale to the new Disney+ shorts, and subtly leads right into the end of the Zootopia movie.

Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps and Flash in Zootopia - Walt Disney Animation Studios - Agents of Fandom
Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps and Flash in Zootopia+ – via Walt Disney Animation Studios

Zootopia+ Wilde Cameos

Alongside the main-focus characters of the shorts, there are plenty of movie callbacks with familiar faces scattered throughout the episodes. You should also be able to keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of everybody’s favourite buddy-cop duo, Judy and Nick.

Zootopia+ hits Disney+ on November 9th and if you want to chat about it more, you can hit me up on Twitter!

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