Top 5 Actors Who Could Play The DCU Superman In James Gunn’s Reboot

Who will don the cape next? These are five actors who could play Superman in the DCU!

James Gunn and Peter Safran are the new co-chiefs of the DCU, and one of their first orders of business is to shake things up on the Superman front. Not long after Henry Cavill announced his return to the role, James Gunn and Peter Safran decided they would go a different route in the new DCU, this time with a younger actor. As Gunn helms the next Superman project, Superman: Legacy, we look at 5 actors who could play the DCU Superman for the foreseeable future.

Jacob Elordi

5 actors who could play DCU Superman: Jacob Elordi | Agents of Fandom
Jacob Elordi at The Oscars 2023. Image Credit: Jacob Elordi Instagram.

Jacob Elordi has quickly climbed the ladder in Hollywood. He began his journey as an extra on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and later found success starring as Noah Flynn in the Netflix romantic comedy trilogy The Kissing Booth. He leveled up further by landing a role as Nate Jacobs in the HBO teen drama Euphoria.

His acting abilities garner high praise in the industry. With his good looks, young age, and 6’4″ height, he has Kal-El’s commanding presence; could we be looking at our next Clark Kent?

Justin H. Min

5 actors who could play DCU Superman: Justin H. Min | Agents of Fandom
Justin H. Min as Ben Hargreaves in The Umbrella Academy. Image Credit: Netflix.

Justin H. Min is a second-generation Korean American. I know what you might be thinking: “Why are we trying to cast an Asian guy as Superman?” That’s the thing, Why not? Superman is a fictional character from another planet. He is an alien that lands on Earth. Kal-El can be any ethnicity.

Justin Min started his mainstream acting career with guest appearances in various television shows. In 2018, he landed his first gig in the Netflix show The Umbrella Academy as a recurring character, later becoming a main figure in the series. It was in The Umbrella Academy where he flexes his acting chops by portraying his character in different ways. In the initial seasons, he was the heart of the show. In the most recent season, he plays an alternate version of his character when the timeline changes after all the time travelling shenanigans. Viewers instantly fell in love with his character, Ben Hargreaves, for his soft-spoken tone, and calm personality.

It’s obvious that Justin has the acting ability to portray one of the greatest superheroes in comic book history. If James Gunn and Peter Safran go the route of casting Asian actors in the production, then let’s get Anna Akana as Lois Lane while we are at it!

Joseph Quinn

5 actors who could play DCU Superman: Joseph Quinn | Agents of Fandom
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things. Image Credit: Netflix.

In 2022, Joseph Quinn strummed his way right into our hearts with his performance as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things. An immediate fan-favorite in the show, the DCU would benefit from the audience-pull Quinn would provide to the DCU. He is a rising talent and fits the bill regarding his age, so he could occupy this role for years to come.

As a known geek, this role would be a dream come true for Quinn. He has the charm and charisma to portray a character of Superman’s magnitude. An easy potential candidate to cast as Superman!

David Corenswet

5 actors who could play DCU Superman: David Corenswet | Agents of Fandom
David Corenswet as River Barkley in The Politician. Image Credit: Netflix.

As fan cast’s go, this one seems most likely to become a reality. Having announced himself as a huge talent in the Netflix show The Politician, David Corenswet is slowly making a name for himself. He is relatively unknown to wider audiences, but that could be exactly what James Gunn is looking for. He is charming, charismatic and has the physique needed to play Superman.

There is so much fan-art circling the internet with Corenswet in the Superman suit, and it all looks mighty impressive. If he ends up in the red and blue, his life will change forever.

Wolfgang Novogratz

5 actors who could play DCU Superman: Wolfgang Novogratz | Agents of Fandom
Wolfgang Novogratz as Nick in Feel the Beat. Image Credit: Netflix.

Rounding out the picks for the 5 actors who could play the DCU Superman is Wolfgang Novogratz. Having made minor appearances in various Netflix titles, he finally earned a major role in Feel the Beat opposite Sofia Carson. He is 25 years old, so he could carry the franchise for years to come. Bearing a slight resemblance to the late, great Christopher Reeves and measuring in at 6’1″, he has the size and physique to play Superman.

As with David Corenswet, there is an endless amount of fan-art all over the internet, with Novogratz filling out the Superman suit to perfection.

When will we get the Superman: Legacy casting announcment?

As we head into the mid-point of 2023, chances are we will get some casting news within the next couple of months. The movie is slated to release on July 11, 2025. James Gunn recently tweeted that he has a private list of candidates for the role, while preparing material for the auditions. The fandom is so excited about this casting potential. It’s finally a new dawn in DC, and this time it will be super!

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