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‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

My adventures with Jimmy and Lois!

Warning: Spoilers ahead for My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 7, “Olsen’s 11.”

After a sixth episode of My Adventures With Superman that featured a heavy dose of Clark (Jack Quaid) and his cousin Kara (Kiana Madeira), the newest installment omits them completely, featuring Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid) and Lois Lane (Alice Lee) as the main protagonists. However, even though Superman doesn’t make an appearance, Jimmy and Lois make up for it with their charm.

With Superman off in space, the duo is primed to rescue him from Kara and the sinister Brainiac (Michael Emerson). Unfortunately, Amanda Waller (Debra Wilson) and Lex Luthor (Max Mittelman) have other plans in store for them. While the action sequences weren’t nearly as exciting as previous bouts in the series, the episode was surprisingly entertaining for the lack of Superman. Check out all the details in our My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 7 “Olsen’s 11” recap below!

Amanda Waller Takes Center Stage in the War Against Superman

Amanda Waller continues to try and convince the world Superman is bad by showing an image of his use of laser eyesight | Agents of Fandom
Amanda Waller enacts martial law until the HDC takes down Superman. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

With Kara having caused destruction throughout Metropolis, Amanda Waller has been enlisted by the United States Government to spearhead a new division called the Human Defense Corps. While on the surface, the goal is to protect Earth from extraterrestrial threats, it’s really just a fear-mongering tool to get the public to turn against Superman.

However, with the world is in a state of panic after the recent chaotic battle between Superman and Kara, Amanda Waller and Lex Luthor continuously grow more powerful. Metropolis is now under martial law and a curfew, making it near impossible for Jimmy and Lois on their trek to rescue Clark.

It’s Jimmy and Lois’ Turn To Save Clark in ‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2, Episode 7

Jimmy and Lois make a plan to save Clark from Space in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 7 | Agents of Fandom
Jimmy and Lois plan to steal a spaceship and rescue Clark from Kara and Brainiac. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

Since stealing a spaceship and rescuing your alien best friend from space isn’t exactly an easy task, Jimmy and Lois set off to build a team. Unfortunately, even if they pull off their plan, there’s still the matter of defeating Kara once they arrive in space. However, Jimmy and Lois have entirely different plans of action in My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 7.

While Jimmy is determined to talk them through the problem and appeal to Kara’s morality, Lois has something else in mind. She’s heavily determined to save Clark, regretting her decision to end their relationship. Lois pulls out the kryptonite she received in the first season from the Council of Lois Lane, ready to utilize any means necessary to rescue Clark.

Former Foes Prove To Be Valuable Allies for Jimmy and Lois in “Olsen’s 11”

Jimmy is reunited with his old pals Mallah and Brain | Agents of Fandom
Jimmy recruits Olsen’s 11 to help break into S.T.A.R. Labs. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

In need of a team, Jimmy and Lois head to Superman’s former foes, Livewire (Zehra Fazal) and Heatwave (Laila Berzins), to ask for help. While they’ve never been friends in the past, Lois and Jimmy require a thief’s expertise. It takes Jimmy’s millions he acquired via selling his channel Flamebird to the Daily Planet to convince them to help, but he’s finally able to bring them on board in My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 7.

However, Livewire and Heatwave pretend to argue about their relationship and whether or not to go through with the heist, allowing Heatwave to slip away and steal tech from S.T.A.R. Labs without Jimmy or Lois realizing. Livewire and Heatwave aren’t the only former villains to join “Olsen’s 11,” as Monsieur Mallah (André Sogliuzzo) and his partner Brain (Jesse Inocalla) join them as well. It’s a wonderful episode for queer representation, with two separate couples playing major supporting roles.

Jimmy Struggles To Keep His Team in Check Throughout ‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2 Episode 7

Olsen's Eleven jumping, posing, and shooting off their weaponry in My Adventures With Superman | Agents of Fandom
Jimmy shuts down the idea of causing any harm to the security staff in S.T.A.R. Labs for their heist. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

Jimmy struggles to convince the team not to use violence, but they finally manage to infiltrate S.T.A.R. Labs. Unfortunately for them, Amanda Waller and Deathstroke (Chris Parnell) are also there for a tour of the facility. While they eventually manage to sneak in and get to the ship, Livewire, Mallah, and Brain all abandon Jimmy and Lois for their own gains. To make matters worse, Waller spots them through the surveillance system and immediately demands Luthor send his Amazo robots to attack.

When all appears lost, Mallah and Brain return by their side to help launch the rocket. However, they still find themselves struggling against Luthor’s robots. Thankfully, while Livewire and Heatwave had planned to abandon the team, Lois has been talking about how she regrets pushing Superman away and declares his love for him.

This convinces the couple to go back and help, as they explain how both value their partner’s love, declaring that “Love isn’t for cowards.” With the help of their team, Jimmy and Lois finally escape to space in the hope of finding and rescuing Clark in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 7.

“Olsen’s 11” Is Enjoyable Even Without Clark

Olsen's 11 are ready to break into S.T.A.R. Labs in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 7 | Agents of Fandom
Livewire ultimately proves to be a valuable team member for Jimmy and Lois. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

As the episode concludes, Jimmy and Lois tumble through space at hyperspeed with the help of Mallah and Brain. While Clark and Kara aren’t featured throughout, Jimmy and Lois’ path finally converges with Kara, bringing their timeline to match up with Superman’s from the previous week.

Although the action was slightly lacking without Superman there as the catalyst, My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 7 still delivers an emotional and enjoyable time. The threat of Brainiac is looming in space while Amanda Waller wreaks havoc on Earth, but at the very least, Clark, Jimmy, Lois — and potentially a redeemed Kara —are all coming together at the right time for an epic conclusion.

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'My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 7 "Olsen's 11" Review

'My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 7 "Olsen's 11" Review
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4.0 rating
Total Score

The Good

  • Jimmy and Lois hold down an interesting an emotional story to make a great episode.
  • Ocean's 11 heist vibes are a lot of fun.
  • Wonderful queer representation that perfectly fits the episode and provides great emotional beats.

The Bad

  • Lack of Superman leads to a weaker episode in terms of action sequences.
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